Olio are a power-packed pop-rock trio from Los Angeles. Exploring genres, past & present, has been at the core of the band since 1997 when it was established by singer/guitarist Arif Hodzic.  The line-ups have changed over the years but the passion and fire are alive and well.  With the ever-dynamic bassist, Kelley Hill, and the addition of legendary drummer Barry Chenault (George Clinton & P-FUNK Allstars, Gap Band) this iteration is solid on all fronts: song-craft, production and live performance. 

Where most artists are satisfied with being famous, Olio will not stop until they have made a significant imprint on the music community. It’s not just about making music. It’s about fostering relationships with people and connecting in a way that creates a bond between the members of the band and fans who follow them. When you look at the fans of the legacy acts, they are still going to shows, buying limited edition boxed sets, paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for VIP meet & greets and themed cruises. 

You begin to understand what Olio is embarking on. Positioning themselves as the premiere support act for national headliners, whether it be spot dates, residencies or tours. The industry model has changed and success is determined in different ways, other than just having a gold or platinum album.  Olio uses their love and experience of multiple genres to create music that inspires and ignites the soul. A soundtrack for people to dance, fall in love, take a stand or simply make love to. This is not your father’s power trio. This…is something else.

Using only guitar, bass, drums & vocals, these guys have unleashed a sound that is not only undeniable but full and vibrant. A live band that is true to the term “live band”. Not letting anything get in between the music and the people. No laptops or playback devices, just plug in and play! Going to an Olio show means you are going to have fun, even if you have never heard of them before. 

Arif & Kelley are known for coming off stage and dancing with the crowd. Or maybe you will get caught up in the infectious jumping that goes on. It’s never a dull moment with Arif’s Guitar hero solos, Kelley’s high energy antics and Barry’s pocket groove and fiery drum solos. All are combined with 3-part harmonies and a passion for the stage. The band doesn’t just perform to the crowd, they perform with the crowd. The party will get as crazy as you want it to be!

Make no mistake, these 3 gentleman are artists. Writing, arranging, producing their own music. Whether working with a legend like Eddie Kramer or working with veterans like Ross Hogarth or Joe Solo, they do it old school. If it worked for their predecessors, then why not work for them. 

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OLIO – The Premiere Support Act For…
Art of Dying
ABC w/ Martin Fry
Average White Band
Boingo Dance Party (All original Oingo Boingo minus Danny Elfman)
Crown The Empire
Dawes with Jackson Browne
Dead Sara
Gene Loves Jezebel – Michael Aston
King’s X
Lita Ford
Living Colour
Men Without Hats
Missing Persons
Mr Big
Nancy Wilson w/ Roadcase Royale
Night Ranger

Oingo Boingo Former Members
Reel Big Fish
Sleeping With Sirens
State Champs
Sum 41
The Dan Band
The Fixx
The Motels – Martha Davis
The Passing Zone (comedy juggler duo)
Thomas Nicholas Band
Wang Chung
Zapp & Roger


2018 Battle For The Beach Winner – Hermosa Beach, CA
2016 Road To Vans Warped Tour Winner
2014 Buzz TV Artist of the Year
2012 Malibu Music Awards Best Rock Song Nominee
2011 Emerging Artist Winner – Santa Monica, CA
2008 West Coast Songwriters International Competition (Honorable Mention)

2019 - PRESENT »

In 2021 “Champions” was released honoring the frontline heroes.  The men and women  first responders that risk their lives daily protecting all of us.  

Today, Arif Hodzic, Kelley Hill and Barry Chenault continue to write, record and perform for audiences everywhere.  They look forward to bringing their brand of indie feel-good rock to places near and far.  They’re on the Road to Wembley Stadium. 

2011 - 2019 »

When bassist Kelley Hill joined Olio in 2011, things got interesting. Highlights include: recording 2 EPs with producer/engineer Eddie Kramer in L.A. and France, several tours of the USA, kicking off the Vans Warped Tour in Anchorage, AK and performing to their largest crowd to date (10,000 people) at Hermosa Beach Summer Concerts in 2018. On April 22, 2019 DeHaven Carrington passed away from a sudden heart attack. This loss was devastating to the Olio family, his friends and fans all across the globe. After much grieving and soul searching, Arif and Kelley decided to continue Olio and honor the legacy that DeHaven helped create. These were big shoes to fill. Who could join that wasn’t a stranger, knew DeHaven and the band, was a dynamic personality and immensely talented in their own right? Timing is everything and they believe that divine intervention took place. The seemingly impossible occurred in such a short time that was effortless, easy and felt right. The magic of a band is when the right chemistry is present and Olio is excited to welcome drummer Barry Chenault (George Clinton & P-FUNK Allstars, Gap Band) to the Olio family.

2007 - 2011 »

In 2007, Matt Sherrell from Chicago joined Olio and they recorded the Living The Dream album in 2009 and “Get It Good” single in 2010. They toured the west coast supporting both releases. In September of 2011, after a successful 4 year run with the band, Matt amicably split from Olio to pursue other interests.

2002 - 2007 »

In May 2002, Tony Shibumi amicably left the band. After many years together, good times and lots of laughs, the time had come for a change. Arif & DeHaven forged ahead, pushing themselves creatively, in the 2003 release Colour Of Music. They toured in 2004 as a 5 piece band adding a keyboard player and background vocalist, Debbie Dee Morris. In 2007, they went back to their roots as a power trio, always changing, growing and creating.

1997 - 2002 »

Years ago, we played hooky from school to get better on our instruments, painted houses, worked security for concerts, telemarketed, landscaped, worked at Wherehouse Music, Capitol Records and played “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Brick House”, too many times to count, at the Sports Page Bar and Grill and Bananaz all to make ends meet. Fortunately, those days are over.

In 1997, Arif and bassist Tony Shibumi, artists known as Vivid, release the first single, “Mind”. It gains popularity within college and university radio stations across the country. DeHaven joins in August of 1997. The name officially changes to Olio in 1998. The debut CD, titled ain’t no party like an Olio party…LIVE hits stores and radio stations in 1999. Olio captured what they do best in a 13-song live album. The refreshing energy and innovative musical approach provides a heart racing, hip shaking, interactive experience. “Sagacity” and “Olio Party” are stand out tracks. Late February of 2000, The Vivid Tapes are released. The 5 song CD goes back to their roots. The recording features Arif and Tony, before DeHaven, from 1996 and 1997 recording sessions. Tony plays drums on three of the songs. This collection includes “Mind”. The 2001 EP titled 3P marks the first official studio release by Olio. Three well crafted songs with rich, dynamic production takes Olio to fiery heights filled with attitude, emotion and atmosphere. The beautiful song “Love You I Do” is destined to be a classic.