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Inside The OMG Ep #1

March 5, 2019 - the very first episode before we knew what this would be exactly. We wanted to bring you weekly recurring content so we set up this show to play live, share tour stories, talk about song origins and more. Eventually we figured out how to share videos and pictures during the broadcast and occasionally have special guests. Past guests include: Johnny Vatos Hernandez (drummer Oingo Boingo), Rick Dill (bassist Vintage Trouble), Owen Morse and Jon Wee aka The Passing Zone (comedy juggling duo), John Avila (bassist Oingo Boingo), Mike Kowalski (drummer Beach Boys), Lauren Parkinson (lead actress in "Boom" and "New Year's Eve" music videos), AJ Bleyer (film director), Julian Douglas (concert promoter), Alexa Hodzic (singer/songwriter/actress), Damon Tedesco (recording mixing engineer), PJ Hanke (TV / Film composer), Jason Johnson (Commercial Composer) and more...

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Ep #14 - Introducing Olio's new drummer Barry Chenault

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Ep #125 - Johnny Vatos Hernandez

Ep #168 - Alexa Hodzic - "As A Dream"

Ep #230 - Saint Rocke Show Recap

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